I’m modeling for a new site- UKdiapergirls.com

You should check it out :-) There’s already a few things of me up there, and theres going to be tons more in the future!

♥ UKdiapergirls.com ♥ 


I’m super duper tired today. I had to wake up this morning before the sun was even up… :[ I took a nap around 1, then woke up at 3ish. I don't feel well at all today, plus I have to be up early again tomorrow, so I'm probably not gonna do anything tonight. Tomorrow night though I have some fun plans & that's exciting. I got some fun stuff going on this week! Going to do a few photo-sets, and I have a couple custom video requests. I'm also going to work on opening up a Clips4Sale page! I know I mentioned months ago that I was going to do that; but I had some personal things going on and I wasn't able to make videos. So subscribe to me on here; and follow my twitter and/or tumblr for updates about that! My twitter is ABallycakes and my tumblr is http://aballycakes.tumblr.com/ ^_^

Besides that, I thought I'd talk about the new(ish) ABU "Sissy" diapers and the Aww So Cute's. Firstly, I'm monumentally disappointed with the "sissy" diapers. It's no surprise that they are shitty quality-as are all other ABU products- but for some reason these ones seem to be even worse quality. I'm also not particularly fond of the print. It's kinda-sorta cute, but I feel like they could have done so much better. Oh well, though. Hopefully one day a cute girly diaper will be made. As for the Aww So Cute's, they are most definitely good diapers! The print is pretty cute, but I wish it wasn't all blue. There are enough boyish diapers. It would be nice if that company would lower the price of their diapers, and then make a matching diaper only in pink. That's just the opinion of this little girl though. :)

Hope everyone is having a good day!


Holy blog post, batman!

So yes, I admit it has been quite a while. Like, a long ass while. Well folks, I’m still alive! I was dealing with some medical issues for a while; but things are much better now. I’ve been doing very well the last month or two, getting back in the swing of things and being active in this lil’ ole community again. I never stopped doing AB/DL things, and I never will because this is a huge part of who I am, but I was a bit distant from the community for a while. Sometimes it can be overwhelming being so ‘out there’ so to speak; having a well known face in this community. So, lets see whats new with me. Well,

1. I got a new job!(yay!)

2. I’m single again. But I’m happy about it!

I think that may be all that has seriously changed in my life. My roommate (chibiartist/fyfe) and I have been going to the gym, and that’s been really fun. I’ve lost 10 pounds! More important then losing weight, though, it’s made me feel really good/energized.

I’m still doing AB/DL modeling, including private custom content. Again, if you are interested in that you can email me at ABallycakes@gmail.com

I’m going to try to be active on here. I know I’ve been gone for a long time, but I hope people will still read this :-) As incentive to visit my blog frequently again[or maybe to email me about buying pics/vids], here are some piccys that aren’t posted on my fetlife or other sites!